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Meet Katie!
Belgian Malinois
TWK9’s Katie, FO, OB1, P1
Breed: Belgian Malinois
DOB: 07-25-2018
Gender: Female
Price: $15000

TWK9’s Katie, FO, OB1, P1

Belgian Malinois

BRN 40697

DOB: 7-25-2018

Katie is a confident female with high food and ball drive. Has tons of prey drive with a nice balance of defense – is also socially neutral and environmentally sound. She enjoys bite work, is a personal protection dog first and foremost. She has the competence and ability to do sport work as well, her servant attitude and desire to work makes it easy to integrate her into drive engaging activities. Katie also has a nice obedience package and is well mannered indoors. She’s a huge advocate for snuggles and enjoys relaxing evenings. To schedule a meeting or for additional information about Katie, give us a call or complete the contact form below.

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