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Dogs for Sale

Whether you’re looking for personal protection dogs for sale, competition / sport dogs for sale or LE dogs for sale – we have options! We spend a significant amount of time testing drives, temperaments and working ability to ensure that the correct genetics are present for the specific job you need the dog to do. Custom training plans and dog selection is available, contact us to discuss your specific needs. Check in regularly to see what new inventory is available and to see what exciting crosses are being planned for the next rounds of puppies!

Puppies & Upcoming Litters

We want to understand your goals so that we can help pair you with a puppy that will fit best with your lifestyle. Adding a new member to your pack can be a time consuming and stressful endeavor, let us help take the worry and stress away!

Young Green + Dogs

These canines have all the foundation work to meet the baseline for sport, personal protection or official work.  They are young enough and malleable enough to be molded into the dog to meet your goals with consistent & continued training. 

Protection & Sports Dogs

We use the animals’ natural drives to teach guarding abilities and proper biting mechanics. Pairing that with correctly structured obedience – we create a capable, predictable, and well-balanced animal that will be an integral part of your family and gladly stand in the gap of a threat to protect. 

seasoned experts

Brokering Services

We’ve successfully brokered dog sales for our clients from all over the country and the world. We thoroughly research the workability and temperament of the prospective dog as well as their lineage and genetic characteristics ‘to ensure you are getting the RIGHT dog for you and the application in which you will use the dog. Contact us today for any brokering needs!

Belgian Malanois Dogs for Sale

Trained Wright Stud Services

Our stud dogs are of excellent bloodlines, health and temperament. Available stud services for approved females.