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Dog Training Services

Our dogs become members of our family, with their own personalities and strengths. Our training process uses proven methods that are a positive experience for the dogs. From pet dogs to highly trained protection dogs, we build a solid foundation with training for an end result of a well-balanced animal set up for long term success. We read the dogs effectively and recognize that dogs have individual personalities just like we do! We train each dog as such, no cookie cutter methods are used.

Inboard Obedience Training

Our Abingdon, VA dog board and train facility is a great way to get your dog’s behavior on the right track. We will board your dog for 2-3 weeks while building a solid foundation of positive behaviors on leash first, followed by off leash beahviors. We also involve owners to train them on how to carry through this training past the boarding phase and enhance the relationship between dog and owner.

Private Dog Training Lessons

One on one training for you and your dog. One of our most popular services for anyone who has the opportunity and ability to train their dogs at home several times a day. It is important for the owner to consistently work these exercises so that when we meet for the next lesson we can move forward.

Behavior Modification Dog Training

Dogs, like people, are cognitive, free-thinking individuals. Also like people dogs can have aberrant behaviors. Our behavior-modification program addresses aberrant behaviors in your dog. We evaluate your dog and then plan a road map for success. We teach you and your dog the tools to manage and train toward a consistent predictable family member.


Personal Protection Dog Training

We use the animals’ natural drives to teach guarding abilities and proper biting mechanics. Pairing that with correctly structured obedience – we create a capable, predictable, and well-balanced animal that will be an integral part of your family and gladly stand in the gap of a threat to protect. We like to work and think outside the box. Custom plans can be made to accommodate your unique situation.

Apartner for life

Set Your Dog Up for Success

Just like any other member of your family, you want to establish a good relationship with your dog. At Trained Wright K9, we focus on the unique personality of each dog and owner to create a bond that enhances the trust and happiness of the whole team.

Golden Retriever Fetching in a field as part of their play and obedience dog training in Abingdon VA


Give us a call if you’re not sure what program best fits you and your dog. Often, the right training path is as unique as you and your companion. We’re happy to learn about your unique situation and offer recommendations that we feel will be the most effective.

 Absolutely! We understand that dogs are part of the family and that you miss them when they are not around. Simply give us a call to schedule a visitation time.

Puppies need to be no younger than 16 weeks old to start any of the Inboard Obedience Training Programs.

You will need to bring the dogs flat collar, a bag of quality food, and a copy of the dogs vaccination records.

Your dog will learn a clear command structure that enables us and you to communicate with the dog. The dog will learn sit, stay, down, place, heel and a recall command. The dog will learn to walk with a loose leash heel, we will work on sit/stays and down/stays.

Included with each of the Inboard Training Programs is a “Go-Home” lesson. We will bring you and your dog back (typically within a week after pick up) for a 1 on 1 lesson with you and your dog. We will show you everything that your dog has learned, teach you the command structure, and be by your side while you take control of your dog for the very first time. We also provide a customized set of “Go-Home” videos of your dog at work so you will have the material to reference at any point in the future.

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